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Children’s learning is assessed continually throughout the year. Teachers use this assessment information when planning future learning.

For reading, writing and mathematics, we use Key Learning Indicators of Performance (KLIPS) to measure pupil attainment and progress.

In other National Curriculum subjects, children’s learning in each year group is measured against outcomes linked to the Key Stage content. At the end of the academic year, a judgement is made to determine whether a child is ‘secure’ in the Year Group expectations.

Statutory Assessment
In 2017, pupils in Year 6 and in Year 2 will be assessed against the ‘Interim teacher assessment frameworks’ for their respective Key Stage.

This assessment will include national assessment tests in Reading, Spelling and Grammar, and Mathematics. The teachers also assess pupil attainment in Writing and Science.

Year 2 and Year 6 pupils will take the appropriate tests in May.
For pupils in Year 1, there is a phonics screening test in June to assess their ability to apply knowledge of phonics (letters and sounds) when decoding words. Pupils in Year 2, who didn’t pass the phonics test in Year 1, will be re-tested.

In 2016 the new tests were extremely challenging in both Year 2 and Year 6, reflecting the raised expectations on primary aged children. The pupils and staff worked incredibly hard towards these increased expectations. Some of the children narrowly missed out on achieving a scaled score of 100 by just a few marks and as a school we celebrated with the children regardless of whether they scored 100 or 99. As a school we place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring children make progress in these core skills, however, we also remain committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum to the children so that they are happy here and hold fond memories of their time at Coppull Primary School.

2016 Key Stage 1

Subject % children working at or above age related expectations (ARE)
Reading 68%
Writing 59%
Maths 65%
Reading,writing and maths combined 59%
Phonics(Y1) 74%

2016 Key Stage 2

Subject % children working at or above age related expectations (ARE) Scaled Score % of children working at greater depth Progress measure
Reading 64% 101 7% -0.9
Writing 71% 7% 0.4
Maths 54% 100 7% -2.5
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 54% 103 21%
Reading, writing and maths combined 43% 7%

2015 Key Stage Two SATs results

Level 4 Level 5
Reading 82% 27%
Writing 82% 27%
Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling 68% 41%
Maths 77% 41%
Reading/Writing/Maths combined 77% 23%
Progress KS1-KS2 2 Levels 3 Levels
Reading 95% 32%
Writing 100% 41%
Maths 100% 32%

The DFE Key Stage Two Performance Tables can be found on the DFE website.