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School Lunches

Mrs Aspinall – Head Cook

We are very proud of our school meals service, which the school runs independently of Lancashire County Council. Mrs Aspinall, our cook, provides a huge choice of healthy food each day and the majority of our pupils have a school lunch. As well as the daily choices, children can also choose additional items from our salad and fruit bar and there is always fresh home baked bread available. Children can choose milk shake, fruit juice or water and can have as many top ups as they wish.

As a National Healthy School we give each child opportunities to make healthy choices both as growing children and for their future lives. All meals are prepared fresh daily, using only the best quality ingredients. Packed full of goodness in every way possible! Children get their five a day in one meal at the great value of only £2.00 per day. All school dinners should be paid on the Friday before they are required.

Our Menus:
We offer the following three rotating menus.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3