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Who are we and what do we do?
The governors represent people who have an important stake in the school. These include parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, the local education authority and the local community. There are elections to choose parent governors and teacher representatives. Some governors are nominated by Lancashire County Council. The governors in turn elect a chair and vice-chair annually. In Coppull, we choose to purchase clerking services from the County Council’s Governor Services.

The governors make the important decisions about the future direction of the school and children’s centre. We agree the policies for the school.

We hold meetings of all governors at least once each term, but much of the more detailed work is undertaken by sub-committees. We co-opt some other people to help on these committees, for example, parents who use our children’s centre.

Governors Committee list
Governors Attendance Register

Governor Name Appointment Date
Mr Toon 20 Jan 2015
Ms Wetton 11 Feb 2015
Miss Baines 03 Jun 2015
Mr Chamberlain 09 Mar 2016
Mr Chambers 01 Jan 2016
Mrs Duxbury 05 Dec 2014
Mrs Hannaford 13 Nov 2013
Mr Higgins 20 Jan 2015
Mr Malpas 20 Dec 2014
Miss Parkinson 13Nov 2013
Mrs Price 09 Mar 2016
Mrs Robinson 20 Jan 2015

More information about the school governors is available by contacting the School Business Manager at

Letter from the Chair of Governors
Thank you for looking at our website

Coppull is a large village, close to the market town of Chorley, within easy reach of Manchester, Liverpool and Preston, yet close to the countryside of Lancashire, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. It is a great place to live and work!

We are a very busy school and Children’s Centre where people enjoy being together and where children thrive. We have made very significant changes in recent years, as we expand our services in the Children’s Centre and through our extended school work. Our family support services are highly valued and a major asset to the community.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school and in our capacity to provide high quality support to children with additional needs.

Children leave as well rounded, mature individuals.

Parents, children and families can benefit from a huge range of support services available in the Children’s Centre – from before a baby is born onwards.

We extend a welcome to visitors who would like to look round our vibrant school and Children’s Centre – please phone or email to make an appointment.

Telephone 01257 791237

Richard Toon,
Chair of Governors.

Finance Committee
Sets and monitors the two budgets, for the school and for the children’s centre. We have an annual school budget of over £800 000, to allocate to staff costs, energy bills, teaching and learning materials, information technology and building maintenance for example. The children’s centre budget is over £100 000 per annum.

Curriculum Committee
Reviews all aspects of teaching and learning, including issues such as sex education and religious education. It monitors educational standards.

Health and Safety Committee
Ensures that all the legal requirements are met.

Extended Services Committee
Manages the services provided by the children’s centre, the after-school clubs, the summer holiday scheme and other groups who hire our facilities.

There are other sub-committees which would only meet if needed, for example to deal with disciplinary or grievance matters.