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Chorley Town Hall

On Thursday 19th November, the pupils in Year 6 were lucky enough to visit Chorley Town Hall to meet the Mayor of Chorley and a number of other councillors. The purpose of the visit was to discover what the role of the council is and what their different roles involve and also because it was democracy week.

As we arrived at the Town Hall, all the year 6 students lined up in pairs waiting for Mrs Urey’s instruction. After our first step into the hall, everybody’s eyes were fixed on the Mayor, who had just walked in, looking very regal. Beverley Murray, an Executive Member for Community Services, greeted us by explaining what was going to happen throughout the day. While Beverley was speaking, all the teachers from the three different schools’ (Coppull Primary, St Johns and Sacred Heart) gave out name tags that had the children’s group numbers on.

Once the speech was over, all the groups from 1 to 6 joined together for their different activities. The first activity was meeting the Mayor of Chorley. In this activity, we got to learn the importance of being Mayor. After a short explanation on the role of their Mayor, we were invited to ask questions relevant to the subject and we found out that the Mayor is a former pupil of Coppull Primary!

Other activities included, spending the council’s budget, a silent disco (which was voted the best activity of the day), how to recycle your rubbish to make amazing Christmas decorations and a question and answer session with the events team from Chorley Council.
From the visit, we learnt that the Council doesn’t spend money on themselves but on the Community. Also we learnt that rubbish isn’t just rubbish it can be made into useful things.
We are all very grateful and thank Chorley Town Hall for this amazing visit and we would love to come again.

By Tanya and Sarah Y6