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Guide Dogs Assembly

Alan was in an accident whilst working in the armed forces and his sight and hearing was damaged. His Labrador Kim now helps him with his daily routines. We all really enjoyed the assembly and we couldn’t wait to stroke Kim at the end!

“Alan cannot see the road so Kim helps him”- James

“Kim stands in front of Alan when it is not safe to cross the road”- Jake

“Alan told us that when dogs have straight tails they are telling us they want to play. If their tail is down, they are telling us they are scared and they do not want to play”- Zak, Finlay and Seb

“I liked it when Kim barked loudly because it made the whole school laugh”- Charlie

“It was funny when Kim was interrupting Alan”- Cian

“We found out how to clap so that we didn’t scare Kim”- Abi W