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Southlands Quiz

On Wednesday 25th February 2015, five children from years 5 and 6 went up to Southlands High school to take part in the final of their Annual Quiz. Those participating were Megan, Kirsty, Shannon, Mohamed and Sayeeda but sadly Emily couldn’t make it. However, she has been a valuable member of the team in the previous rounds.
The quiz started at 6pm and there were a total of five rounds. These rounds included a picture round, music round, current affairs round, observation round and a memory round which was based on a film clip from the Lego Movie.
We were supported by lots of people including Mrs Urey (our class teacher), Shannon’s mum and Megan‘s sister. There were 12 schools in total who were all from around the Chorley area. There was some tough competition and the questions were not easy.
During the evening, a special guest, Paul Sculthorpe (St Helens rugby player) gave out trophies and awards for the successful schools in the different rounds. Sadly, Coppull didn’t get a trophy but we did receive a small trophy for taking part.
We would just like to say congratulations to St Peters the winners of the quiz. Plus we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported us and well done to everyone who gave up their time to come to the 26th anniversary of the Annual Southlands Quiz.

By Megan and Kirsty
Well done everyone!