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St John’s Church

On Thursday 3rd December, Year 6 visited St John’s church as part of their R.E topic of ‘Advent’. They took their very own handmade Christingles, and even managed to resist eating the very tempting sweets. When they arrived, Mrs Urey opened the massive dark oak doors to the church and the children’s eyes widened in astonishment as they saw the well decorated hall.

They were welcomed by Mr Hudson and sat in the choir stand while he told them the origins of Christmas and how the Christingle service came about. Next to the seats was the lectern and there was also an exquisite Christmas tree with magnificent, bright colours.

After Mr Hudson, the vicar, had spoken to the pupils, they lined up to have the candles on their Christingles lit. Once they were all lit, it felt very calm and peaceful. The children then sat down and sang a song about the Christingle service. After the song they all blew out their candles while Mr Hudson kindly told them that they could have a little wander around the church. The children were allowed to go up on stage to get a close view of the amazing display that the church had of the nativity scene. There was Jesus as a baby in the cradle, they had all the animals and even Mary. All the ornaments were made from straw.

At the back of the church there was a memory tree where people remembered loved ones that had sadly passed away. People could light a candle and leave a message.

Year 6 would like to thank Mr Hudson and St John’s Church for a fabulous morning.

Merry Christmas from Logan and Daniel